Maurice Malcolm

Poetry has become a way of life as I now find myself writing my own history from the experiences of living on this earth.

My background and all my life’s battles, conquests and traumas make me who I am.

Writing was my survival mechanism.  To begin with it was merely a means to an end although it has now become an integral part of my life. It’s like drinking a beautiful, cool glass of water or eating a luscious mouth-watering fruit. It’s nutritious properties nourish my heart and soul for it purges my mind of any impurities or toxins which attack my constitution!

I can find myself writing in the moment when all is lost and my heart is heavy and grieving, searching for an answer.  Yet, it can bless me with treasures beyond my imagination!

Poetry unravels the bewildering complexities or perplexities of everyday life regardless of what this life throws at me.

As long as I educate my mind and exercise my body in preparation for the tasks at hand the spoken word will assist me to achieve my goals! Nature, love and life are the central focus of all my deliberations.

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